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RV Oxidation Removal Services

For your motorhome, fifth wheel travel, trailer, professional, RV, oxidation removal, and UV wax reapplied from $25-$40 a lineal foot depending on the severity of the oxidation.

A compound is used to remove the oxidation wants washed, and then a UV wax is reapply to ensure that the finish is durable and will last you several years with proper maintenance to include washing with a regular car wash no detergent or Dawn or degreaser that will strip the finish and possibly damage your Gelcoat the gelcoat has oxidize because it’s porous. 

The oxidation comes from within the pores of the gelcoat polishing with a compound to remove the oxidation is something I’ve done for the past 12 years traveling as far as Appleton, Wisconsin Knoxville, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia 90 % of Florida from Pensacola to Saint Augustine down to Key West , traveling is part of being mobile no matter where the customer might be, will take the challenge. Most of my customers have the wow factor as reflected in the reviews. 

Please note that the oxidation must be removed before wax can be applied. Otherwise, the wax gets absorbed by the oxidation because it doesn’t have anything to stick to, and then washes off prematurely , be happy to quote you a price availability and appointment upon inquiry quote and press mobile detailing specializes in warranty related exterior packages no matter who the distributor for the product is we work for the general the camper, world RV, one locally and some smaller RV dealers serving West, Central, Florida, and beyond And press mobile detailing is happy to assist you and your needs and want to thank you advance for your inquiry

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